Like a Runaway Combine Harvester in a Field of Crippled Rabbits

by Acid Age

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    Whether Acid Age was on acid when thinking of the title for their newest offering is a mystery yet to be solved. Whether it is truth or not I can’t say, but what I can say is that this album is packed with thrash metal goodness. LARCHIAFOCR is eight total songs of neck breaking thrash that takes no prisoners and when the listen is over you may just look like one of the rabbits you see above. Acid Age is uncompromising and unrelenting in their thrash assault as they take off like a rocket right off the bat and from then on what you get is thrashing and hell raising metal.

    Acid Age calls their brand of thrash “hyper thrash” and for a good reason. “Slow” isn’t a word that is in their vocabulary and if anything they try to play as fast as they can to rip your fucking face off as quick as they can. Each song is played full tilt and played as loud as they could get it which means that you should play it as loud as you can. LARCHIAFOCR is the type of album that when you listen to it in a car you don’t know how fast you really are going and sooner or later you end up hitting 120 with a fleet of cops chasing you down.

    These Belfast thrash heathens have created an album that is highly volatile and violent and while listening you feel an uncontrollable urge to headbang until your neck is just a bloody stump. As soon as you press play you are overcome with thrashing rage that makes you want to incite riots and start up a mosh pit with your entire city. You can try all you want to not headbang and fuck shit up, but sooner or later you will succumb to the sheer speed and face shredding ability of this brand of thrash.

    All throughout this release you get lightning fast riffs coupled with finger exploding solos, writhing bass lines, downhill drumming and vocals that are screamed at you from every angle. There isn’t any mistaking what you have as soon as you press play. This is unmistakable, hellish and barbaric thrash metal. Each song seems to be fuel injected and pumped with enough thrash fury to kill a man.

    Overall, this record supplies you with heavy and head caving thrash to the point where your brain will get bruised. No matter how badly you are beaten after listening you always find yourself coming back for more and more. LARCHIAFOCR is an infectious listen as well as one that is built for anyone who is even remotely interested in thrash or heavy metal for that matter. To make the album even better they slapped a prank call to the end of the record as well. LARCHIAFOCR is a solid release that is heavy and gets you to headbang until you can’t anymore and provides you with your fix of thrash metal and then some.

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"From the pedal to the metal of the title track opener there is much more on display than speed. The intricacies of 'Shotgun In Your Mouth' are there from the opening, but with plenty of deft touches in the manic riffing and solos.

Milk's guitar work is stirring throughout, ranging far and wide along the fretboard to produce a feast of axe fun.
Overall this is a release that deserves a wide audience for those that like their thrash, well at hyper speed and with subtlety in the volume"

*Review by Belfast Metalheads Reunited

"This band is for all those that like bands such as WEHRMACHT, TANKARD and CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER"

*The Brewmistress


released July 2, 2016

Limbs: Vocals
Milk: Guitar
Bumblebee: Bass

Drums on the album by Luke Tolcher
Drums on the Live bonus tracks by Iran
Guest vocals on track 5 by Alessandro Racoon

Recorded at Einstein studios Antrim
Engineered by Frankie McClay
Produced by Jake, Jude and Frankie
Artwork by Chaostouched
Released via Witches Brew Records, Germany



all rights reserved


Acid Age Belfast, UK

"A great representation for the new school of thrash" (Tony Portaro from N.J Thrash legends WHIPLASH)

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Track Name: Like a Runaway Combine Harvester in a Field of Crippled Rabbits
Revenge is coming
To enemies of steel
So write your reviews
Rebels without a clue
Bound to your word
In black and white
Keyboard warriors
All crippled from fright

The worst is yet to come
For those who hate our speed
I promise you a thousand deaths
Upon your words you'll feed

Like an action movie
Explosions will blow
While blood spills
While blood flows
All thrash haters
Will die by flame
So hang your head
Or die in shame

The worst is yet to come
For those who hate our speed
I promise you a thousand deaths
Upon your words you'll feed

Shove your opinion
Up your fucking ass
Dont be a poser
Just blast whiplash
Bang your head
Until it's sore
Drink whiskey all night
And headbang to razor

The worst is yet to come
For those who hate our speed
I promise you a thousand deaths
Upon your words you'll feed

Like a runaway combine harvester I'm a field of crippled rabbits
Track Name: Shotgun in your Mouth
Racing emotions steam like an engine in the night
Lost is my desire to surrender to your fight
You won't see me coming it's as if we never met
I tried to forgive you long ago but you just wont forget
I cock my double barrell and set out on my quest
I break into your home
And put two in your chest

Like a shotgun
In your mouth
No more questions
No more doubts

Contrary to my belief this revenge is bittersweet
I'm a pool of your blood you lie at my feet
From the dirt you were born and there you shall return
Guilt will rape your judgement
This world will never learns
Escape is now my mission
I run out through the door
Cornered by cops
My chances are no more

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Hell is in the South Sea
Entering the depths of hell
Is not what I expected
There was no fire or brimstone
So that ideas rejected
There is not a chamber of evil and Satan doesnt have a tail
Welcome to the south sea where bands come to fail

No fucking sound check
What the fuck!
No fucking sound check
No we're stuck!
We could die tonight
What a sight!
Sleeping on a coach made of shite

Now we try to escape this place cause now we see
hell is in the south sea
The brutal vision of that place
The stains had fleas
Hell is in the south sea x2

Playing our set
Three songs in
Forced to a halt
Asshole manager shut us down
Which wasn't our fault
Spend the bands pay on Chinese with his slutty meth head wife
Fuck the whore with a 9 inch pole
Shove south sea up your hole

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Manifesto De Hyper Thrash
Reelin and a riggin with frustration
Saturated by determination
That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger
Channel our hatred into hunger
Merciless til the day we drop
Fuck you we're never gonna stop
No success is what we've come to learn
But that's ok we want it on our terms

Criticisms' step aside we are hated for our pride
But we'll play hyper thrash til the day we die x2

On the backs the burden that we carry
Is the thought of ballads it's so scary
Life outside of metal is a cage
Let me get on the fucking stage
Never worry about tomorrows concerns
Bus tickets came in returns
With the zomborgs we thrash our way
Racing down the fucking highway

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Try to Hide from Frankensteins Bride
Its been three Years since she rose from the grave
A madness I can't contain
All women with no w rise
Lady deathsquirts on her way
From the mist her silhouette
Casts the strike of fear
So dont you dare feed the bitch
And keep all grave robbers near
From the darkest pits of he'll
She ascends with force
Never letting light onto her heart
Apocalypse is on course

Try to hide - x4

Try to hide from Frankenstein's bride
In her way, you will surely die
This worthless earth she will chastise
So try to hide from Frankenstein's bride

Zomborgs together shall unite
And hang her at tyburn tree
The whole world together shall wonder
Why she let Charles gein free
From the depths of the blackest ocean
The drone shark cometh
Strap the posers down on a roller-coaster
Sacrificed on zombie Sabbath
Trapped forever in her evil grasp
In an everlasting flame
The bride of Frankenstein plays with her pray
Don't reload don't play that game

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Thrash Novelty
Being on a thrash bands just a novelty
Cause it sure as hell
Doesnt pay me
You dont like music
You like conformity
For the current trend
You always bend a knee

I close my eyes and I just say
Dont let to get to me
Your words are weak and they will fade
Thrash novelty x2

Listening to thrash metals just a novelty No! Fuck conformity its not for me

Repeat chorus

We jump on stage and play our show
You abuse your keyboard cause it's the only thing you know
Plugging the same bands every single day
Three albums in and not getting paid x2
Track Name: Bloodthirsty Jawbreaker
Hungry for destruction
The worst you'll ever see
Desloated cities fall with their sociology
Blood soaked tyrants, bad morality
Iron fists clash with barbaric savagery
But the worst of all
Is yet to appear
Rumor and myth is all that we hear
Stories that he drenches his victims face on blood
Crushing bastard skulls one by one

Mind games, torture, poser, eliminator

Bloodthirsty jawbreaker
Let's see them talk when they got No jaws
Bloodthirsty jawbreaker
All thrash haters will suck his balls
Bloodthirsty jawbreaker
He'll punch your lights out for a noble thrash cause

He rides into town on a horse made of steel
A panzer tank made of thrash with jaw bones for wheels
Fists made of iron
He wears a denim vest
He eliminates posers
Chewing on a bucket made of flesh
Steering his tank
While high on bone marrow
Listening to whiplash
Because he loves tony portaro
Aiming his cannons at the south sea door
Junkie bastard and his wife are no more